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Prioritizing your health TODAY

is an investment in your FUTURE

We know you have a busy schedule which is why we are committed to

providing prompt service without sacrificing quality of care.  

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Welcome to Arroyo Vista Family Medicine. 


We strive to offer the highest level of quality care while taking people's busy schedules into consideration.  As such, we are committed to prompt service, and will work very hard, barring emergencies, to stay on time.   In order to run efficiently in meeting the needs of our patients, we find it necessary to be transparent about some of our office policies that may help you decide on whether we are the best match for your individual  healthcare needs.  

Please make note of the following office policies prior to making your appointment:

  • All patients are required to complete their Annual Wellness or Annual Physical visit on a yearly basis. This is done to ensure we catch things EARLY and can be proactive about keeping you healthy!

  • All patients are required to confirm their appointments at least 1 day prior to their scheduled appointment.  Patients who do not confirm their appointments will need to reschedule.

  • New patients who fail to show for their confirmed appointments will not be allowed to reschedule another appointment for a period of 6 months.

  • New patients are required to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to fill out the appropriate forms and verify insurance information.  Patients who choose to complete the fillable forms HERE and print them prior to arriving are required to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to verify insurance information.

  • All patients who arrive late will likely need to reschedule their appointment.

  • All patients must bring the following items​ to their appointments:

    • A photo ID

    • Current insurance card 

    • All medications or supplements currently being taken: prescription, over-the-counter,  vitamins, or other herbal or natural supplements (or if you prefer, you can bring a current medication list with dosage and frequency)

    • Method of copayment or payment in full. (Click HERE for insurance and billing information.)​

If you feel Arroyo Vista Family Medicine is the right fit for you, give us a call or click on the button below.  We have several new patient slots built into our weekly schedule as part of our commitment to help you make your health top priority! 

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